Web Marketing

In the present competitive environment, just having a website is not enough,it is useless unless it is recognized by people.To make it appear high on search engines,it is really essential to optimize it to satisfy the search engines requirements so that it is not only recognized by people but also turns your prospective customers into ultimate clients.

We take pride in introducing ourselves as the pioneers in the field of Search Engine Optimization with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed at competitive prices.

Search Engines basically rank website based on several factors Some of them can be listed as follows:

The right domain name of your website
Design of the website
Limited use of JavaScript language
HTML page construction
HTML code
Related content
Title Tag
Description Tag
Incoming links.

For the purpose of achieving good rank,there is a hierarchy that we follow,which is as follow :

Domain Names Suggestion – First we analyze a site’s domain name and provide suggestions about changes that can be made to it in order to achieve good rankings.

Website Analysis – First,we analysis the site’s design and report the same to the website’s owner.

Keyword Analysis – Then, we analyze all the possible related keywords that can be used to find the site.

Creating Header(Meta) Tags – Then,we create header tag which includes tags like title tag(considered to be the most important tag according to google),description tag,keywords,abstract tag etc.

Optimizing and Editing Content – Then , we edit and optimize the HTML content according to the norms of Seo.

Managing Content – Manage and create new content for the whole site to attract different search engines.

Site Submission – Submitting your site to different search engines and exchanging links and also Pay Per Click Advertising(if necessary),RSS Feed,Blogs etc.

Updating Site – We keep your site updated to changing trends of the search engines by checking its content,analyzing its scripting,checking HTML code,updating tags,checking factors hindering its ranking,managing content,removing dead links.

For aspiring online businesses Jaya Web Solutions provides search engine submission and optimization services by experienced team of professional search engine marketing experts submit and optimize your website to achieve top search engine rankings.

Service Includes :
 SEO Consultation
Website Audit
Competitive Analysis
Strategy Development
Website Optimization
Manual Submission
Monthly Re submission
Monthly Link Building
Monthly Reporting
Phone Consultation

We are committed to give our customers business oriented result from their website. We pay effort and use our experience to carve a niche for your website in this competitive world to ensure that your business grows rapidly.

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